Norn on One Life to Live’s Starr and Blair: Victims of Todd’s World of Hurt

Blair and Starr 

Illustrator/Thinking Fan Norn Cutson wrote me that he was so sad for One Life to Live‘s Starr and Blair after they found out Todd had planned to kidnap Starr’s baby and had gotten involved with Marty, he had to “do something.” So he drew this illustration. Here’s Norn’s  heart-wringing interpretation of the sad  mother and daughter. I think it’s magnificent.




  1. Hooray for Norn for tapping into the spirit and humanity of this story. If only the writers could do the same.

  2. What a beautiful picture!

  3. I love the picture, Norn. I hope that Blair doesn’t forgive Todd for this or make excuses because it will make Todd think he didn’t do anything wrong.

  4. Such a lovely picture, especially capturing Blair. Blair has gone through so much agony and unbearable pain, and so often has had to face it almost entirely on her own. This captures that bleakness, yet also the tenderness and warmth.

  5. Norn, thank you for the beautiful sketch of “Blair & Starr”.

    I think that you have captured the essence of how the actresses feel about the way they are are portrayed as constant victims of Todd, and how the Actresses are disgusted with the stories (in which they are always victims) that the top executuves are forcing them to play each day. Great work!

    You have a nice MySpace page also Norn, love your puppies! 🙂

    Your old posting buddy,


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