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Dee-A-Palooza Day Three: Searching for the Real Deidre

Thinking Fans Comment Update: John says "Deidre's Marlena is imo the greatest soap heroine ever" ... though Alan Ryan prefers the Dr. Marlena Evans of the 70s and 80s ... and more.  See Comments below. _________________________  By Marlena De Lacroix In 1986 I was given an assignment by a major women's magazine to interview Deidre Hall, … [Read more...]

Dee-A-Palooza, Day Two: Days’ Marlena’s “Cool Intelligence and Warm Sensuality Hard to Ignore”

Thinking Fans Comment Update: James sees Deidre's departure as another nail in Days' coffin ... and more. See Comments below.  _________________________  By Patrick Erwin I've watched Deidre Hall as Dr. Marlena Evans on Days of Our Lives since Marlena came to Salem in 1976. By some miracle of good living and genetics, Hall looks almost the … [Read more...]

Farewell Dee-A-Palooza Week, Day One: Soap Shrink Says, “I Wanted to Be Dr. Marlena!”

Thinking Fans Comment Update:  Jonnysbro can't imagine Salem without Dr. Marlena Evans ... while Christine thinks Deidre's "many fans would follow her to the ends of the earth" ... and more. See Comments below.  _________________________  To mark executive producer Ken Corday's ver-ry curious decision to fire Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to Anne Sweeney, Co-chair, Disney Media Networks and President, Disney-ABC Television Group

Dear Ms. Sweeney: I am writing to strongly protest the current Todd and Marty storyline on One Life to Live. It's in effect the long delayed second chapter of a story that began in 1993, when Todd was the leader of three college students who gang raped Marty. The two chapters couldn't be more shockingly different in intent.  The 1993 chapter, … [Read more...]

Norn on One Life to Live’s Starr and Blair: Victims of Todd’s World of Hurt

  Illustrator/Thinking Fan Norn Cutson wrote me that he was so sad for One Life to Live's Starr and Blair after they found out Todd had planned to kidnap Starr's baby and had gotten involved with Marty, he had to "do something." So he drew this illustration. Here's Norn's  heart-wringing interpretation of the sad  mother and daughter. I think … [Read more...]

One Life To Live’s “Tarty” Controversy: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

Thinking Fans Comment Update:  Melanie isn't buying the "poor Todd" routine ... Jenn misses the days when "soaps relied on love and chemistry" ... and more. See Comments below. ________________________  My friend, television journalist Ed Martin called me last week to congratulate me on my Todd and Marty: Way Beyond Merely Disgusting column, … [Read more...]

All My Children’s Agnes Nixon, Always Our Guardian Angel

Thinking Fans on Agnes' visit to Pine Valley:  renee "cried buckets and emailed everyone" ... n69n says she "is the cutest, dearest, smilingest little lady" ... while tess remembers the days of 15- and 30-minute soaps ... and more. See Comments below.    ____________________  By Marlena De Lacroix Just as I was fantasizing about throwing a … [Read more...]

One Life To Live’s Todd and Marty: Way Beyond Merely “Disgusting”

  Susan Haskell as Marty, Trevor St. John as Todd -- ABC Photo by Heidi Gutman _________________________ Thinking Fans Comment Update Nov. 9:  Miajere laments the misogyny in daytime ... Christian in Boston is disgusted by Todd's elevation to "redeemed and tortured anti-hero" status ... Steve protests Todd-Marty story exists "for no other … [Read more...]

Celebrating All My Children’s Phenomenal Women!

  As a writer and professor, one of my very favorite things is finding new talent.  I got to know Norn Cutson this year because, as one of our Thinking Fans, he frequently writes to this site.  It turns out that Norn is a Thinking Fan who has more than one way to express his enthusiasm for soaps.  When Moose and I saw this illustration, we … [Read more...]

Soap Shrink: From Savvy to Reckless, How General Hospital’s Alexis Davis’ Behavior Makes Perfect Sense

Thinking Fans fret over Alexis:  Purple Haze is puzzled by her treatment of her children ... esther says give up a bit of mob air time and tell us what happened to Sam's father ... while Marilyn Henry wants to see her learn from her mistakes ... and more. See Comments below.  ________________________  By Damon L. Jacobs If you've been … [Read more...]