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Happy Halloween, Thinking Fans!

     When my husband/site managing editor Moose showed me this special Halloween illustration of moi, done by our cherished resident artist Ira Blutreich, I said, "Moose, it's politically incorrect for anyone to be called a witch these days unless she is a Wiccan or ... or  she is Tabitha Lenox, who actually was a witch on Passions." But … [Read more...]

All My Children’s Tornado: “Look at Me, I’m Chuckie P!”

Thinking Fans contemplate the Big Wind(s):  Marlene opines the strong wind is meant "to sweep away the stench of E&B" ... while Tom Casiello is exhausted by the "piling on of plot points" ... and NancyJo has just one word for Thorsten Kaye: "MAGNIFICENT!" ... and more. See Comments below.  _________________________  By Marlena De … [Read more...]

Night Shift 2 Served Up that Old General Hospital Magic as its Sublime Second Season Came to an End

Thinking Fans Comment Update October 26:  Dianne says NS2 was a gift to long-time GH fans ... Suzette applauds the celebration of GH history, though she missed Genie Francis ... Mike agrees, mostly, but wonders, where was Holly? ... and more. See Comments below.  ________________________  By Ed Martin  Sri Rao and Lisa De Cazotte are my … [Read more...]

General Hospital Night Shift 2: If They Could Bottle This Show, They’d Save Soaps

Thinking Fans Comment Update October 26:  Brandon says his patience was rewarded as NS2 got better and better ... Marybell says the end of NS2 left her near tears ... and more. See Comments below. ________________  By Marlena De Lacroix "I love you ..." I lost count after about half a dozen the number of  times one character said that to … [Read more...]

Soap Shrink to Thinking Fans: Ways to Cope with Recent Soap Deaths

Thinking Fans on the passing of beloved soap characters:  BL says, "Feelings are feelings, and if someone did something magnificent in their career or touched you emotionally, it should be honored" ... while renee says, "I know they're not physically real, but if we're blessed they're emotionally real" ... and more. See Comments … [Read more...]

Jim Reilly, Very Fondly Remembered

Thinking Fans remember James E. Reilly: Jonnysbro says nobody else could have written Passions ... Fabobug says Reilly "knew how to think outside the bubble" ... Jenn appreciated how he used his Catholic background ... and more. See Comments below.  ____________________  By Marlena De Lacroix It's one thing to write an obituary for an … [Read more...]

All My Children’s Eileen Herlie Dies; Her Myrtle Was a Beloved “Mom” to Us All

Thinking Fans mourn the passing of Ms. Herlie:  Pat loved her cosmpolitan gypsy flair ... Tess relished her confrontations with Langley ... Dale says she stole our hearts ... while Joey wishes for Myrtle's blueberry muffins and lemonade ... and more. See Comments below.  _________________________  By Marlena De Lacroix  I just heard that … [Read more...]

Our As The World Turns Expert’s Reaction: Jon Lindstrom Cast as the latest Craig Montgomery

Thinking Fans Comment Update October 10:  James thinks Lindstrom is a worthy successor ... but Dawn worries that he'll join the dumpees. See Comments below.  _________________________  Last December our Patrick Erwin did a very, very perceptive take on the very strange state of the character of Craig Montgomery on As the World Turns.  Earlier … [Read more...]

Irene Dailey: That Exquisite Pain, Aunt Liz

Thinking Fans Comment Update October 9:  James says Aunt Liz was often the voice of the audience ... while Dave Feldman recalls her vicious streak ... and more. See Comments below. _________________________ By Marlena De Lacroix As you know, Tony and Daytime Emmy winning actress Irene Dailey died of colon cancer September 24 in Santa … [Read more...]

The Young and the Restless’ Victor Newman In Crisis: Our Soap Shrink To the Rescue!

Thinking Fans Comment Update October 10: Matthew Cormier argues for more long-term, in-depth character development instead of  "crazy plot-driven one-day-at-a-time crap." See Comments below. _________________________  By Damon L. Jacobs It's not easy being The Young and the Restless'  Victor Newman.  Finding love with a woman half his age … [Read more...]