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Rating As the World Turns’ Busy, Busy Summer

Thinking Fans Comment Update Aug. 30: Kristen says ATWT writers finally got one right ... while Oakdalian found the summer a mixed bag ... and more. See Comments below.  _____________________ By Patrick Erwin What's been happening in Oakdale? It's been an interesting summer for As The World Turns as the show has been finding its balance … [Read more...]

Why One Life To Live’s Back to the Future Story Was a Bomb

Thinking Fans Comment Update Aug. 28: Aaron enjoyed "1968" for its fun, escapism and heart ... while Christian in Boston found the acting embarrassing ... our own Soap Shrink discovered a compelling psychological adventure beneath the silliness ... and more. See Comments below.  _________________________  By Marlena De Lacroix What did I … [Read more...]

Welcome Back, Genie! Laura’s Heart Could Save General Hospital

Thinking Fans Comment Update Aug. 25:  horselover fears Genie's return is just another bait and switch ... Mike, a disappointed ex-GHer, will come back for Laura ... so will Denise ... and more. See Comments below. _________________________________________ In 1982, at the height of Luke and Laura mania on General Hospital, I was fortunate … [Read more...]

General Hospital: Night Shift 2 Is a Monty Man’s Dream Come True

Thinking Fans Comment Update August 22: Bonnie likes GH:NS2 much better than "General Mob" ... MontyFan is desperately seeking Holly ... Chris says even Gloria would be proud ... and more. See Comments below.  ________________________  So many readers responded to my two earlier columns on General Hospital: Night Shift 2 that I've decided to … [Read more...]

On the Soap Shrink’s Couch: Adam Chandler, All My Children’s Supreme Control Freak

Thinking Fans Comment Update Aug. 22: norn sees Adam as a fierce competitor ... while Trey thinks Adam is driven by love. See Comments below.  _______________  By Damon L. Jacobs "If I don't take care of this, no one will." Does this sound familiar to you?  Have you ever known someone who thought that way?  Or, dear Thinking Fans, have … [Read more...]

The Killing Fields of Soap Journalism

Thinking Fans Comment Update Aug. 17: Young Jay spent his snack money on Soap Opera Weekly ... Professor Cindy calls for higher soap writing standards ... Liz V is saddened by the decline of soap journalism ... and more. See Comments below.  _________________________ By Marlena De Lacroix This is a short note to Marlena readers in another … [Read more...]

Soap Surprises: Five Holy @#%! Moments

Thinking Fans Holy @#%! Update Aug. 14:  Melanie picks Wayne Northrup's return as Roman on Days ... B3 loved Gwyneth as the killer on Loving ... Carl recalls five faves from Santa Barbara ... and more.  See Comments below. ________________   By Patrick Erwin Soap plots have many twists and turns in them, but we rarely get to see a complete … [Read more...]

Marlena in New York Magazine

Thinking Fans Comment Update Aug. 15: The judges' hits and misses, according to Dale, Cherry Ames, Purple Haze et al. See Comments below.  _______________  As a longtime soap opera journalist, I was asked by New York Magazine this week to be one of five judges to pick five of the most promising young soap opera stars.  Yes, that's moi, … [Read more...]

Passions’ End: Get Your Memories of Craziness and Creativity!

Thinking Fans Comment Update Aug. 9: Fabobug appreciates Passions' honest eccentricities ... Jonnysbro wishes the cast well ... Cherry Ames, with mixed feelings, says the likes of Passions will never pass our way again ... and more. See Comments below. _______________  By Marlena De Lacroix I don't  have the chance to say good-bye to … [Read more...]

Soap Shrink: Why Can’t Women Be Allowed to Age Naturally on Soaps?

Thinking Fans Comment Update August 5:  Ryan offers kudos to the bigger but still sexy Kim ... esther wants to see more age appropriate attire ... Aaron says the issue isn't pounds, it's Reva's "white trash" look ... and more. See Comments below. ________________  By Damon L. Jacobs There has been a lot of discussion on the boards about … [Read more...]