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More Emmy Noms 2008: How ‘bout a Little Self-Respect?

By Patrick Erwin Basketball may have its March Madness, but the soap world has its own spring madness ritual -- the Daytime Emmy nominations. The discussions about this year's nominations have come fast and furious since they were announced yesterday. Marlena gave her take on the whole process, and I had a few thoughts of my own I thought I'd … [Read more...]

Marlena Is Back

Hi Everyone. Thanks so much for your patience these past three weeks. My father, Cosmo Passalacqua, who was 85, passed away April 18 after a two week hospitalization for a heart attack.  My dad was a career  transportation executive for the Department of the Army.  He was very, very intelligent and funny and had a persona that was bigger than … [Read more...]

Guiding Light and All Soaps: Don’t Change the Quirky Characters We Love!

By Patrick Erwin Being a Guiding Light fan hasn't been an easy road over the last few years. But one consistent bright spot for me has been the mother-daughter duo of Doris and Ashlee Wolfe. Ashlee, in particular, is always a joy to watch. She's a full-figured ball of energy, quirky and often funny, even when she doesn't intend to be. I think my … [Read more...]

When Cliché Stories Go Startlingly … Right!

By Patrick Erwin Soap fans and critics alike complain loudly when we encounter the overused soap plotline. We can see most of them coming from a mile away! We know, for example, that one woman, plus two men, multiplied by a short period of time = "Who's the daddy" story. It seems like a good third of all soap characters have discovered … [Read more...]

Patrick’s Postcards from Oakdale, Salem and Springfield

By Patrick Erwin Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been around as much lately.  I've been dealing with the plot twists and turns of my own storyline, including a move to another city -- not just any city, but the Windy City of Chicago. Chicago is, of course, the cradle of soaps, where Irna Phillips started it all and where Bill Bell began. … [Read more...]

A Note from Moose

Hi Everyone, Just a note to let you know that our dear Marlena hasn't posted to this site lately because she's dealing with an immediate and very urgent family emergency.  Rest assured she'll be back very soon. Best regards, Moose  … [Read more...]

Who Created All My Children’s Erica and Sugar on the Run?

By Marlena De Lacroix You ever think you're going to hate something and you wind up liking it?  I certainly chortled when I heard jail-bound Erica Kane on All My Children was going to escape  from the cops during a  police van crash and go on the run handcuffed to a  bank robber named ... Sugar. Some AMC writer has to be an old movie fan, I … [Read more...]

General Hospital: Looking Back on 45 Years

(A note from Marlena:  It's General Hospital's 45th anniversary!  Here's a celebration of the event by my good friend and journalistic colleague Ed Martin.  Ed and I have been happily debating General Hospital over coffee now for almost ten  years -- and believe moi, we're not always happy about the current state of the show.  Still,  Ed is clearly … [Read more...]