Apocalypse Now: General Hospital’s Murder of Georgie

By Marlena De Lacroix

Today Georgie Jones becomes the victim of a serial killer on General Hospital.  We mourn not just because we’re losing a very intelligent, good-hearted teenager we’ve known from birth who could have grown to be a major heroine show anchor, like Jessie or Bobbie were in their day.  We mourn because we’re losing a delightful actress in Lindze Letherman.  We mourn because with this third murder in a row of a woman in Port Charles (Leticia, Emily, Georgie), GH‘s headwriter Robert Guza Jr. has sailed up the river toward the insane world of Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.

Mr. G, although men watch soaps, American soap opera has always been a women’s medium.  Since the time of Irna, we have always been the overwhelming majority

Marlon Brando as Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now 

of viewers.  Women want to see romance and family and emotional situations.  Women don’t like to see other women killed — we are the givers of life!  Women don’t get off on watching other women being murdered. The killing of Georgie, female victim number three, signals that Guza has officially turned the genre inside out.  Insanity!  As the Doors sang whens Kurtz finally appeared  in Apocalypse Now, this is the end my friend.

For his entire tenure at GH, Guza has tinkered with remaking the America soap opera into an imitation of other movie and entertainment genres.  And certainly he and ABC Daytime and current executive producer Jill Phelps have the moxie and the budget to experiment so radically on an on-going basis.  The continuing mob story influence (Jason and Sonny, a character originally created by Claire Labine) remains the centerpiece of the show now.  Guza’s Metro Court disaster imitated the big crime/hostage thriller like Die Hard.  Last month, his Black and White Ball clumsily combined the haunted house movie and slasher film.

But by killing beautiful young girls like Emily and Georgie (and Leticia too), GH is edging closer and closer to snuff film. This is not soap opera, it’s literally the subversion of an entire American dramatic art form.


  1. Although I’ve stopped watching GH for many reasons including those you’ve detailed here, once again I have found that we are on the same page and you are a voice to end the dismantling of my once favorite show. I’m forwarding your fabulous website to all my soap friends. Thanks again and keep sounding the alarm!

  2. It is not that I do not like a little murder or mayhem on a soap opera. it is just the face that Guza has taken it too far. Every sweeps period, he has an oultlandish lame ass storyline. Seriously, I could care less that Emily or Letticia were murdered (Natalia Livingston bored me to tears), but not my Georgie. Plus, the way the story is headed seems so not thought through. It is as if the writers just thought, “Quick let’s find the killer.” Find a hot, young male character who doesn’t think that Sonny can help them find the answer to what troubles them or that Jason is not the third coming of Jesus. Oh wait, I know Coop.

  3. Why do these girls go off alone? Do they think they have the muscle to take on a killer? Georgie gets a text message and goes off on her own at night in a dark park? Where did her intelligence go that time? She tells Maxie about her suspicions of Coop, yet Georgie goes off alone?

    Lulu is attracted to a gun toting hunk who has pulled a gun out to “protect her” at least five times. If any guy ever pulled a gun out around me, that would be the end of that so called relationship. When did guns become attractive?

    I dislike that every week we can expect a shoot-out on GH. When did violence become so acceptable? Love in the afternoon is a JOKE!

  4. Thank you! I’ve been saying this stuff for years, even wrote a term paper on it (which when I return to school will be my thesis), regarding Guza trying to turn the American Soap Opera against its target audience. Now with murdering Georgie its just sick. Emily was bad enough (and now we get creepy, stupid dead Emily), but Georgie has so much promise. I just hope that if Guza does not destroy the show and is eventually kicked to the curb, the person who takes over at that point can figure out a way to get the show back on track (and perhaps have Georgie’s death be faked by the WSB).

  5. “We’ve never had a serial killer on a soap before that only killed females!”

    Simone Torres, Erin Lavery and Dixie Louise Cooney Chandler Martin Bodine Martin might quibble with you on that point.

    I took a GH break when I heard they were doing this to Georgie. Such a waste.

  6. Hi rcade – the “Satin Slayer” attacked Zarf on AMC, so he wasn’t only targeting women. Then again, Zarf was Zoe, so…..

  7. Guza is out of control! He’s killing off my beloved Q’s one by one and I have no idea why he hasn’t been stopped. He’s clearly lost the stuffing out of his chair. He’s a fry short of a Happy Meal. He’s crrrrrrrrrazy. Now Georgie? Sweet, normal Georgie? I wish he’d kill off one of his air-hogging pets, like Carly/Sonny/Jason/Liz! Emily and Georgie are dead: Merry Christmas from Bobby G!

  8. I don’t think I can express just how much I agree with this. Killing Georgie (and Emily, for that matter) is just wrong — especially in terms of intelligence and integrity of plot (and integrity in general). With Emily and Georgie dead all the “nice girls” are gone. All that’s left are the bitchy schemers (even if I like the characters, they’re still bitchy schemers). I don’t count Elizabeth as a “nice girl” simply because of her treatment of Jason. And I just plain don’t like her. She’s actually the only character I vehemently don’t like on GH.

    So,yes, I agree. Guza’s gone off his rocker.

    Marlena says: I agree with you exactly and I hate Elizabeth too! Actually Kate is a “nice” girl. But I bet her days are numbered.

  9. Wonderful Call Out! There is one point I would add: Not only are they killing off a teenager we’ve seen born and grow up — they are killing her off right before Christmas, the time for heartwarming miracles. There is a time and a place for sad stories, which can make excellent soap, but the week before Christmas is not one of them. The 2.3 they recieved last week was well-deserved.

    Marlena says: You are so right — killing Georgie at Christmastime was so perverse. Speaking of that, was I the only one thinking of the sick, sick, sick murder of Frankie Frame on Another World while I was watching Georgie murder today? As you know, today’s GH and AW in those days share the same executive producer…..Jill, how could you??

  10. My heart is heavy. Your post said it all. Georgie should have been a heroine we could root for — for many years to come. LL was adorable. Makes no sense unless you’re on the same wavelength with Guza’s sick mind.

  11. I began a boycott of the show (which I’ve watched for 25 years) about 9 months ago. I remember the great days of GH when I cared about the characters. I loved the romance, passion, humor and magic of Genie Francis and Tony Geary. Loved Tony Jones and BJ, loved Stone and Robin, Holly and Robert, Lois and Nedley, Dominique and Scotty, Lucy and her Doc. I was invested in them.

    There is not a single character I like, not one. Lulu is nothing like her parents and now Carly is her surrogate mother (where did that come from?). I thought Tony Geary and his visit to hell was awful — in storyline and acting. While I love Jane Elliot and Tony Geary and like them together, I don’t like them as love interests. Luke reduces Tracy to a dependent woman waiting for her man to change, something she never was, and reduces Luke to a leech for money, which he was never interested in. I’d rather see him at Luke’s which fit his style.

    I long for the romance of Luke and Laura dancing in Wyndham’s, Ned and Lois and their love and comedy, and Laura was not Scotty’s real love, it was Dominique. I won’t even get into Alan and the decimation of the Quartermaines. While I thought Natalia’s Emily was of limited range, I did like the original character. Truly, I hate this shell of a great former show.

    Marlena says: Luke “dying” on the operating table and “dreaming” he was an old man was really disappointing. What’s wrong with going into the future and finding your daughter is happy and has a family? The biggest disappointment was there was so little humor here. But I thought Tony did a good acting turn as Luke, the old coot.

  12. I agree with what everyone has said here — the killing of Georgie is simply sick, kind of the last straw for me as a viewer of the show since 1992. But I also have to wonder — from a business standpoint, in what world does this make sense? Okay, I know the soaps care mostly about women ages 18-34. So how is Disney justifying the decimation of their core audience?

    Unless — this is all part of some sinister plot to make us think Emily, Georgie, and poor Leticia are dead, when in fact they’re partying on Melaswen or something like that. I wouldn’t have thought GH was capable of such nonsense in the past. But after this past year, I would no longer be surprised by such an inane plot twist.

  13. Ms Chicklet says:

    There’s some sick misogyny behind Bob Guza’s reign of error.

    Smart women are either treated dismissively (Alexis, Robin) or murdered (Emily, Georgie).

    But women who will throw away their spine, integrity, respectability and safety to be with murdering, soulless thugs like Sonny and Jason? They’re braveandstrongandlovewiththeirwholeheart heroines (see Carly, Sam, Liz, Courtney).

  14. I am a straight male viewer and know that women are the majority viewers. I agreed with your opinion of Guza. General Hospital needs simple formula: love, family, and faith. This show has none of that simple formula to satisfy true soap watchers. This show turned into soap opera’s own “Napalm” by Guza and he ruined it.
    From Apocalypse Now:
    Kilgore: Smell that? You smell that?
    Lance: What?
    Kilgore: Napalm, son. Nothing in the world smells like that.
    Kilgore: I love the smell of napalm in the morning. You know, one time we had a hill bombed, for 12 hours. When it was all over, I walked up. We didn’t find one of ’em, not one stinkin’ dink body. The smell, you know that gasoline smell, the whole hill. Smelled like… victory. Someday this war’s gonna end…

    Marlena says: Fabulous Timothy. You truly are a Thinking Soap Fan!

  15. ITA with your post and all the replies. Killing Georgie, a legacy character who we saw born and grow up on the show, is a heinous crime, especially at Christmas. How this would appeal to the coveted 19-34 demographic is beyond me. Who will be Maxie’s conscience now?

    “General Mobsters” definitely needs some balance. Where is the humor and romance to counteract all the mob activity in Port Charles? And am I the only one who feels that the Sonny/Zacchara s/l is “been there, done that” with Scully, Sorel, Lorenzo and Luis Alcazar etc. ad nauseum? Sonny and Jason whine about how their families aren’t safe while they’re in the mob, but they never do anything to try to get out or make more respectable livings, either. Blah, blah, blah.

    While many of you have blamed Robert Guza and Jill Phelps, I feel that they are just the puppets, and that the real criminal here is Brian Frons, who can’t keep his hands out of the ABC Daytime pie….Once again Frons turns a deaf ear to what the fans want, then wonders why the ratings are tanking. Until he is gone, all the ABC shows will suffer, IMO.

  16. I SPIT on Guza’s vision of GH. It’s total garbage and not worth wasting my time on.

    What a pity that this grand old show, so rich with history, has become a disgusting shell of its former glory, just to satisfy the whims of a pair of misogynists named Frons and Guza.

    I’ve watched GH my entire life. It’s not worth my time anymore. I used to discuss the show with all my closest friends. Sadly, none of us feels the show is worth an hour a month, let alone an hour a day.

    Congratulations, Disney, ABC, and the idiots who allow this to continue unchecked.

  17. Someone needs to shut him down! LOL…he’s been letting us watch him play at “The Sopranos” for too long. If only Guza had the talent to actually WRITE a mob-saga, I’d be thrilled. I’m so pissed about LL I could scream. We’ll only prevail if the people that have the ancient black-boxes don’t watch.When I think of all the wasted talent on that show, I weep. Literally.

  18. I absolutely hate what they’ve done to my Georgie. She was one of the few characters left on this show that I truly admired and liked. She was intelligent, sweet, caring, and had an affection for “good guys” (unlike her counterpart Lulu, who has become obsessed with her gun-toting bad boys. Blech.).

    I saw so much potential in a Spinelli/Georgie romance, and the fact that this was cut short breaks my heart. Seeing Spinelli’s face when he realized this beautiful, intelligent, independent woman was crushing on him was priceless, and made me feel sick at the same time, as I knew what was coming.

    There should be more female characters like Georgie on a soap opera, but instead GH is left mostly with such trashy, dependent on men, women. There are very few left on this show who have a career and aspirations that don’t involve pleasing gangster boyfriends, and slapping and demeaning other women…but mostly I feel the loss of Spinelli’s possible true love. Such promise this pairing had.

    On a show where guns and violence rule, and women are only good for reproducing, I really wanted to see a sweet, honest, loving romance. But alas, that hope has been ripped from me, and now all I feel is bitter sorrow. Thanks for the Merry Christmas, Guza et al.

    Marlena says: On Spinelli, my thoughts exactly, dear. I thought the show would give them a short but intense romance and then Georgie’s murder would turn Spinelli from a boy into a man. A man who fights for what is right. But no–o! The romance wasn’t developed very much and Spinelli is still Jason’s stooge. I still love Bradford Anderson and Spinelli, but what an opportunity squandered!

  19. No, Marlena, you weren’t the only one thinking of Frankie Frame–or Maureen Bauer, for that matter. Another JFP show, another ill-advised death.

    And I agree with Barb–right before Christmas? At the rate this show is going, the killer will probably be revealed on Christmas Eve–as SANTA CLAUS!

  20. horselover says:

    Once again, Marlena, you are right on the money with GH. This show has been so bad for so long and NO ONE listens. ABC and GH deserve the 2.3 and it truly deserves to go off the air. What is it going to take for ABC to wake up and take a different direction? Frons, Phelps and Guza should all be ashamed of themselves.

  21. Marlena, I hate what Guza, Frons and Phelps have done to this show, dismantling all the hard work that Marland, Monty and Labine put into making GH the show that you couldn’t stop watching and talking about through the 80’s and 90’s. Now killing off Georgie, who I agree, was the heroine the show needed since they’ve turned Lulu into a Carly clone. Her romance with Spinelli could have been so sweet. I longed for the conflict and for Felicia coming back to something other than her daughter’s funeral (TPTB turning Felicia into a horrible mother). However, I do have to say that Kate Howard’s delayed reaction to almost being shot when she got home was brilliant.

  22. I’m still in shock over the death of Georgie, and hope it is somehow a bad dream they can fix in the future, like she ended up being an analyst for the WSB.

    Maybe GH thinks good, smart girls are boring, unless they are paired with someone evil or they have to lose their brains.

    I enjoyed what little we got with Georgie and Spinelli and I’m sad to see that end.

  23. Another male viewer fed up with Guza and his S&M version of the show…cause its pure torture to watch. I cannot understand with all the changes behind the scenes at practically every other soap how this hack still has a job. He just doesn’t get “it” and never will. The murdering of Georgie at Xmas is horrible on so many levels. I didn’t watch and haven’t for a good two or so years (and I’ve been watching since ’82). May Santa bring us all an Xmas present — Guza gone and anybody there that thinks this is good entertainment and a representation of GH and what it should be. (and a side wish of Labine at the helm…)

  24. I’ve said this several times already. Shame on ABC for this. They have just ruined the whole holiday season starting with Thanksgiving and I’m sure right on up to New Years Day. This makes my freakin’ head hurt. I don’t just blame Guza, I blame Frons, JFP and all of Disney.

  25. Marlena, I gave up on GH a few years ago when a mob hitman told a little boy that cops were not to be trusted and then that little boy’s mother told him that his mob boss father and hitman friend were like soldiers out there protecting us. How can a show which completely twists values be allowed to continue to do this? Why doesn’t anyone listen to (our complaints)?

  26. Marlena, why has the soap press totally ignored this story? Why doesn’t the soap press ever grill the producers, the writers and/or Brian Frons about decisions like this? Instead, all we seem to get in the soap mags and press is what’s spoon fed to them, with little or no analysis or constructive criticism. I want to know: How do you/they justify killing off a legacy core character who had the potential to be the future moral center of the show? I can’t buy that money is the issue.

    Marlena, you’re obviously more of an insider than most of us. What are you hearing? What do you think is going on behind the scenes? Do you think they’ll come to regret their decision?

    Marlena says: Regret over the killing of Georgie? Only years from now when Lindze Leatherman wins her first Academy Award, someone from the show will tell People magazine: “Oh we gave her her start!”

  27. THE GENERAL HOSPITAL BUTCHER STRIKES AGAIN! The death scene was hollow, apalling and depressing because it carried no emotional weight. It was written with no feeling for the character. Georgie would never have ventured into the park without calling her father (give us a break!) or at least calling Spinelli. How could we buy that? So the death didn’t ring true or seem real.

    And how is Jason telling Spinelli Georgie likes him the day before Georgie gets killed a “romance”? Those two could have had some great scenes, and a mature romance might have helped Spin grow up a bit and ease up on the Spinelliisms, which I like, but seem to be all he gets for dialogue other than Jason-worship.

    Love the site and the intelligent discussion!

  28. Ok. Here’s what I don’t get. Everything I read is a diatribe against the reign of terror of Guza, Frons and Phelps. The ratings suck. The genre as a whole is going down the toilet. Why isn’t anything changing? Why do these people still have their jobs? Is no one listening? Or do they feel that any mention or any passion expressed about the show is a good thing. Like they used to say “as long as you spell my name right, it’s all good publicity.” Are there people who are actually pleased about the show’s direction?

    My frustration level can’t get much higher. I don’t want to give up watching GH. I like some of the actors, but my main feeling right now is pity for them. If I were running the network’s daytime lineup, I’d take a look at what is happening and make some changes, because that’s what I was being paid for.

    Is there nothing we can do to stop this decimation of the show?

    Marlena says: Alice, you’ve asked the important question. For right now, keep writing, keep sounding off. In the New Year, we’ll try and have lots of discussions about what we as Thinking Fans can do to save soaps. With the killing of Georgie at Christmastime, GH seems out of control.

  29. I have been a loyal GH fan for 20+ years and I couldn’t agree with you more. Murdering a beloved character like Georgie shows that Guza has no regard for the true fans and longtime supporters of the show. We loved Frisco and Felicia, we were there when Maxie and Georgie were born, and we cheered on Lindze Leatherman as she portrayed Georgie with intelligence. To see her murdered in this way just is way over the line.

    Now we are left with self-centered Lulu, meddling and BORING Carly, mean Maxie, clueless Robin, and just plain unlikable Sam. (And don’t get me started on Liz and her “someone else died, I need to be with Jason”.)

    At this rate, there will be no characters left with redeeming qualities, and no reason to tune into GH.

  30. I have been watching GH since 1963 — literally before I went to kindergarten. I’m so disappointed and frustrated with it right now yet see little hope for improvement.

    Actors come and go and I am not upset that there’s been a serial killing plot going on. That’s an exciting and interesting scenario and can really keep a viewer hooked. As much as I liked both Emily and Georgia, it is not outside the “soapy realm” to have two key characters killed. But the ridiculous writing that has developed this plot has made the whole thing seem completely disjointed and not the least bit exciting. Is anyone on pins and needles over this? Is there any sense of inter-weaving or complex story telling that is really leaving us wondering “who dun it?”

    Stupid stunts like sticking the goofy “Daniel” character in yesterday when we’ve never seen the guy before is just an insult to my intelligence.

    Even Emily’s death, a scene which I think was done pretty well, was surrounded by the idiotic days beforehand of a guy old enough to be my grandpa running around scaring everyone. Emily could have whapped him with her purse and knocked him out. And the guys with guns, thrown in to add some mob-drama and for what? Just purposeless scenes with no inter-connectivity, no flow, no consistency.

    When I watch a soap I don’t want to have to think “now why on earth would that guy do that?” I should already know the character so well that I understand, I get it. I don’t get any of this — no matter who the killer is. Coop — why? What would have led us, up to now, to think that he might have a screw loose. Who else — Logan, Johnny — but why? In the end, am I going to say, “Wow, it’s so obvious why X is the killer.” No — we’re all going to be greatly disappointed and ticked off at this stupid, insipid and fit-for-a-first-grader writing.

    It is really stupid to kill of a core family like this. These families are what keep people like me hooked for years. I watched the first day Monica was on and the day Alan was going to kill Rick Weber. There’s not much left.

    And for the record, I fast forward through all the stupid mob stuff. If I want to watch the mob, I’ll switch channels and watch the Sopranos or a good movie — written by writers who understand their audience.

    Marlena says: The bad news is that GH has been almost totally mob-oriented for more than a decade, and nothing’s changed despite audience protest. The good news is that GH and soaps still have viewers like you who have analytic minds. I like how you point out not only is there no motivation for the latest set of murders but that any explanation of a motive should come from character, not circumstance.

  31. Marlena, on Usenet (rec.arts.tv.soaps.cbs) we have this code we use when we COMPLETELY agree with a commenter: “+1”.

    To your eloquent exposition of what is wrong with GH…fundamentally wrong…I say +1.

    Not only do we not want to see these women killed, but the show’s innocent young heroine, carrier of the next generation of a legacy family, strangled AT CHRISTMAS TIME. Ugh. The creative team doesn’t get it.

    On top of this, we see that Jill Farren Phelps does not, cannot learn. Thrice now she has done this (and she sort of did this on OLTL, when she brought in a bunch ‘o’ Rappaports and effective “killed” screen time for any of the show’s favorites…but I’m stretching).

    Because fandom seems absolutely powerless to convey the message to the suits that they are killing the genre…that there are very clear ways to fix it…that these fixes won’t help or hurt the demos (soap viewers are old…them’s the facts)…I really feel it’s time for our beloved genre to die.

    We need a resting period, and then a re-invention.

    When I find myself turning off the shows in DISGUST (which, honestly, I have never before done in 42 years of life), I know the end is near. I do think the patient can be saved, but I don’t think the will is there. So let’s just kill the genre. It’s happening anyway, thanks to Guza-Phelps and their ilk.

  32. So let’s see. Felicia comes home after not seeing her girls for years — no communication. Just dump them with their stepfather while Fleabag takes off on an adventure with Frisco (who has not seen his daughter since Maxie’s heart transplant. Wasn’t that when Georgie was conceived which means she never knew him!). Flea parades in carrying large shopping bags, having just finished her holiday shopping. I thought she didn’t know about Georgie, but NO, she knew her daughter was dead. Is this normal?

    She returns home for the funeral of her murdered daughter and oh by the way detours to Wyndham’s for last minute purchases? Seriously, I never liked Felicia, her voice and enunications grated on my last nerve, but she could not even squeeze out a tear for her stranged teenage daughter? And, of course, Frisco will miss his child’s funeral because saving the world is more important. At least his part could have been recast for the event. But then, he never was there during her life so why bother to attend her funeral. Oddly enough, I found myself rooting for Maxie and can’t wait to see her tell her deadbeat mother off at the funeral. Then I’m done with this sadistic show.

  33. Um, exuse me Cilla. Have you read any of these postings?

    The “Felicia” you’re describing here is Guza, Phelps, and Frons’ version, not our beloved heroine who sat by Maxie’s hospital bed for weeks back in 1994 desperately praying for a heart donor. Not the Felicia who many times put her own life at risk for her daughters. The Felicia that I knew would never have abandoned “her girls”.

    I think your ranting is misplaced.

  34. I wonder if my soap opera is already dead and I am just watching the corpse, hoping for the bell to ring, sort of like an E. A. Poe short story.

    Georgie’s demise/Lindze Leatherman’s firing is an outrage and an atrocity, not to mention incredibly stupid. But it did serve the purpose of finally helping me shake the scales from my eyes so that I can see that it is over. My longtime friend, from the time I was ten years old until now while I am nearly fifty, is gone. I grieve.

    Now I have to decide whether to watch its dead body being buried or if I’d just as soon skip that part. It’s hard not to look — there are still a couple of interesting bits that seem like a real soap opera, complete with diverse thought patterns and emotions — but really, do I want to watch those bits go the way of dear Georgie? I have said, “I’m done” several times, only to continue to watch, in basic disappointment. But now that General Hospital has become a non-soap and is instead a poor-quality gangster debacle, I may just be able to follow through.

  35. Killing both Emily, Georgie, and Alan in a matter of three months is too much. I wanted to see Georgie and Spinelli together. It seems the future of the show is not going well. The story line makes no sense as mentioned above. Georgie is way too smart to go to the park alone. Milo would never kill Georgie; he has no reason to. Neither does Coop. What reason could he possibly have?

    I want Emily back and Georgie. Georgie is so interesting, watching her and Spinelli. They have so much to do together as they mature, but now nothing. Perhaps, Georgie could come back because it was a trick to the killer. It seems whenever you see the body on General Hospital the character is really dead. I have noticed this. But as creative writers, I really want Georgie and Emily back.

    Also, Sam and Jason need to go back together or bring someone new for Sam if not someone who makes Jason jealous. He just fell too quick for Liz. It is not very realistic.

  36. I agree with eveything you’ve all said. I love Georgie and to have her killed, days before Christmas, says a lot to me about how the writers really feel about some of their actors.

    I’ve said it before….

    They aren’t known as TIIC for nothing, you know!

  37. Georgie should not have been killed. Georgie and Spenelli could have been a good couple where the Nerdy Guy gets the pretty girl and two good actors can make a good show.
    Georgie was a smart lady and Frisco’s daughter. The killer is not Coop, it’s the Latin detective who is rarely seen.

  38. As a male, who has watched this show since the age of 5 (27 years now), I would like to say that I don’t care for the direction of the show either. I encourage all of you to write GH and or ABC. I am hoping that with enough mail they will bring back Lindze as Georgie. And not as some lame ghost. I was looking forward to the Georgie Spinelli love story. It would have been cute as well as sweet and goodness knows Guza hasn’t been able to come up with a couple like that in a long time. It’s what the show needs to bring it back to it’s focus.
    I am all about excitement in soaps, but senseless murder is just bad writing. Senseless murder is real life and as we all know that is not what soaps are about. So please all of you write GH and ABC and let your thoughts and opinions be heard. And insist that they bring back Lindze as Georgie.

  39. I loved Georgie, too. I was thrilled about the upcoming (you knew it had to happen) Spinnelli/Georgie romance… then LL gets fired!? Georgie was one of my favorite characters on all of the soaps that I have watched for many, many years.

    Plus, the dark, long-lasting storylines (Metro Court, text message killer) are getting really old.

  40. I’ve been watching for over 25 years and am sick to death of Guza’s version of GH. I hope to heaven that ABC sticks by its strong stance regarding its daytime writers who strike — that they’ll get pink slips once all is resolved.

  41. I’ve watched GH since I was in grade school in the 60’s. I record the show and my daughter and I watch it every evening. Georgie’s demise was riduculous. I agree with the other people who recognized her as the next great heroine of daytime soaps. The mob thing is not even the least bit interesting anymore and it seems like the Sam’s lines are the same each day… Don’t even get me started on the Alan ghost thing and then to do it again with Emily — come on! I hope ABC takes note of all the angry GH fans and does something before we all quit watching the show.

  42. TIIC didn’t have to kill Georgie’s character…the could have written her off. Like go off with Dillon…the excuse that he was in town to pick her up to go to Montreal.

    Guza has destroyed every female character on the show. Either the ladies are killed, stupid and simpering (sp?) beyond belief or rarily seen. (and today the fired Jackie Zeman – last week she was just reduced to recurring, now FIRED).

    What women are left and how stupid is the writing for each of them?

    I cried so hard over Georgie’s death, Mac’s tears, Felicia coming home and being so out of character; a small shot of Bobbie nodding her head at the funeral, and Dillon finally realizing what he missed.

    Just plain senseless stupid writing.

    I have watched since Jessie Brewer days (I even named my eldest daughter after Jessie) and to be serious I have NOT watched much over the past several years because of the writing.

    TIIC need to get back to basics…do a huge dream sequence and bring back the legacy character and restore the women’s characters to their former glory. But most important…get rid of the MOB.

  43. I have been watching this show for 24 years, since I was 12 years old. And it gets harder and harder to watch. I’m tired of the Sonny +new girlfriend dance: “i’m an independent woman, but your sooo desirable”, “its my job to keep you safe but you would be safer without me…” Boring. Been there and done that, with so many women.

    And killing Georgie was not ok. This show has in the past number of years seemed really sexist to me. Carly is/was always being told by Sonny and Jason to go home and look after her kids! Excuse me! And miscarriages and motherhood, or the inability to reproduce become the focus of almost all of the female characters lives.

    This show is getting boring and frustrating, and I don’t know how much longer I can watch. I want to see more friendships, Robin and Jax, Jax and Alexis (they’ve killed so many characters I don’t even know who else to suggest), less mob, and more humour. Also, more equal romance – like Robin and Patrick.

    Anyway, to stay or to go. That’s the question…

    Marlena says: You’ll probably decide to go and wind up staying. That seems to be the pattern with most disgusted longtime GH fans.

  44. horselover says:

    I agree. ABC needs a complete overhaul and they can start by doing a huge dream sequence and start over from about 5 years ago. Does anyone LIKE this show?

  45. I’ve been watching GH since before Gloria Monty took over … when Steve Hardy was still very much the lead of the show. I watched until the show turned into General Mobster…around 2000 or so. I came back when I heard they were killing of Alan Quartermaine. I couldn’t believe that they would treat a 30 year character and long time actor which such disregard. I stayed watching much like one watches an auto accident…curiosity and hope that somebody survives. But as always, since the switch to the mob, the good guys die and stumble around while the bad guys live and continue their criminal ways.

    There is a fundamental moral problem with a television show which glorifies the criminals and makes fools of the justice system. Alan, Emily, Georgie…the innocent people in Port Charles die. The mobsters, who are theoretically in more danger than anybody else, survive and flourish. Mac Scorpio, one time front burner good guy material is reduced to “harassing” the mobsters once or twice a month. There was a time when the mob went down for their crimes. Frank Smith, Victor Jerome, Mr. Big (aka faithful Bert Ramsey)…they all got caught and they all paid the price. But then again, that was an era of GH when romance and relationships were in sync with the intrigue of various storylines.

    Soaps flourish on our connection with characters…and GH has somehow forgotten that by killing the people we have become attached to and continuing to write for those we wish would get sent to prison.

    Maybe Monica can wake up in the shower and the past 10 years have all been a dream.

  46. I had watched GH way back in the 60s but came back when Laura Wright left GL and became Carly.

    I was shocked when they wrote Dillon out of the show. However, the storyline for Georgie and Dillon probably was played out or they could have been apart and find each other again in the future. I never thought that they would kill off Georgie as others have said. They seemed to be heading for Georgie and Spin to have a future with each other. Boy, was I wrong!!!

    Meanwhile, GL is doing the same thing and I have not watched it on a consistent basis for quite awhile! I check it out to see if they have seen the error of their ways but the same ole junk is on. These are people we have come to know and they have them doing things that their characters would never do.

    I guess I’ll say I’m just disgusted with them. At least, there was one good show for Christmas and it was As The World Turns. When I saw what they were going to do, I have to admit, I thought I would not enjoy it but to my amazement it turned out to be right on target. I loved it!

    Here’s hoping that ABC wakes up soon! What a Nightmare.

  47. I’m sick of the blood bath. I have been a loyal fan for 25 years, and have had just about enough of this crap. Georgie was a great character — a kind, smart, loyal woman who served a great and necessary purpose on the story as a ballancing agent to the many, many shrews. Not to mention Lindze’s talent…and the missed story line for her and Bradford Anderson…she could have grown into a leading lady, could have blessed our TV sets with a sweet love story…but instead, TIIC splayed her out on some cold stone steps and let her best friend find her on Christmas. Nice. Does fan reaction mean nothing? Is there nothing we can do to bring her back (as death never has to be permanent in soap-dom)? And if the head writer of OLTL is fired…can we hope ABC is cleaning house?

  48. Am I the first to notice that the annual Christmas story was not read forvthe children at GH this year? The writers are too busy killing all of the good people of Port Charles and forgeting the holiday tradition.

    Marlena says: Good observation, Marcy. Perhaps the Christmas episode was to be written by a scab and the show didn’t want to do that. And now that Alan is dead, who would they have had tell the Christmas story–Jason?

  49. Pennagirl says:


    Actually a good replacement to read the Christmas story would have been Mac or, a long shot, Scotty or Luke. Even Jax would have done good.

    Just absolute horrible writing from untalented hacks. (Hope the writers don’t use the GH writers as examples of good talent during the strike…or we’ll never see the end of the strike).


  50. Like many of the others, I too have been a longtime GH viewer… But the thoughtless killing off of the sweet, talented Georgie character is the final straw – no more GH for me. Although, mind you, perhaps I would tune in if I were to find out that the tiresome//wearisome//donetodeathadnauseum mobster storyline was to bite the biscuit, along with perhaps the tiresome//wearisome//annoyingsome(annoyingall?) Carly/Sony/et el gang. Goodbye GH.

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