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General Hospital’s Black and White Ball, Part 2: How Good Work Elevated Haunted House Hooey

By Marlena De Lacroix In my last column, I blasted the plotting of General Hospital's Black and White Ball as schlocky and superficial.  The overall main story was presumably done by the head writer.  That doesn't mean all of the scriptwriting for the month was awful; it takes a lot of different associate writers to write the scripts for a whole … [Read more...]

Sadly, Guiding Light is Operating at Diminished Capacity

Mes chers, today Marlena would like you to meet Patrick Erwin, a newspaper reporter and thinking soap fan who will be posting his reviews here once a week.  Patrick is particularly interested in the Procter and Gamble shows.  First up, his look at Guiding Light, a show we have all loved at one time or another.  How and why has the oldest show in … [Read more...]

Bonjour, Mes Amis!

Welcome to my new website!  Many of you already know me from my 11 years of weekly critical columns in Soap Opera Weekly and more recently from my "Savoring Soaps" blog on Jack Myers MediaVillage (   Now that I have my own fabulouso internet space (plus a whole new wardrobe!) my posts will run several times a week, … [Read more...]

One Life to Live Loses Marston Again

By Marlena De Lacroix One Life to Live has been showered with a lot of good critical notice lately since the more literate and lighthearted scripts of its new headwriter Ron Carlivati started to air last month. There's much hope that show's momentum won't be ruined with the onset of scab scripts to air in a few weeks. These scripts are the mark … [Read more...]

Soap Operas in Peril During WGA Strike!

By Marlena De Lacroix  The strike by the Writers Guild of America is only four days old, yet its ultimate and unknown dénouement is creating more buzz than the conclusion of any storyline in soap history. Can the very low-rated nine network soaps survive the strike, or will the strike deal the entire 55-year-old television genre a fatal … [Read more...]

One Life To Live: Viki Is Back Where She Belongs

By Marlena De Lacroix  As I write this, it is only the third day of sweeps and automatically I can give my approval to one storyline, a new one on One Life to Live. Widow and career newspaper publisher Viki Davidson is newly depicted working as a waitress in a diner in Paris, Texas. Hooray! Doesn't Viki, the very portrait of a lady, deserve a … [Read more...]