Happy Halloween, Thinking Fans!


When my husband/site managing editor Moose showed me this special Halloween illustration of moi, done by our cherished resident artist Ira Blutreich, I said, “Moose, it’s politically incorrect for anyone to be called a witch these days unless she is a Wiccan or … or  she is Tabitha Lenox, who actually was a witch on Passions.”

But then I thought of my early days working on soap magazines, when we weren’t allowed to use the word, “bitch” and had to call all such wonderful characters “witches.”  Well, that made me feel better.

So, to celebrate all the wonderful witch/bitches I grew up with — Rachel Davis, Another World; Dorian Lord, One Life To Live; Lucinda Walsh, As the World Turns;  Alexandra Spaulding, Guiding Light; Kay Chancellor/Jill Foster, The Young and the Restless; Tracy Quartermaine, General Hospital;  Stephanie Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful, and, of course, Erica Kane, All My Children — I proudly don my witch/bitch costume for Halloween, and dance up a storm of Halloween Happiness!

Happy Halloween, my darling Thinking Fans!