General Hospital: Night Shift Pulls a Stunner!


Thinking Fans Comment Update Sept. 26: pjs reports that his tear ducts got a work-out … Nancy wishes Night Shift could become home to neglected soap veterans … Marilyn Henry reflects on other great soap scenes … and more. See Comments below. 


By Marlena De Lacroix

Last night I unexpectedly saw the best soap opera scenes of the year.  They were in, of all places, General Hospital: Night Shift! They came from the heart and the head. They were thoroughly human. I could relate to them perfectly.  And I was so stunned to see authentic drama on my screen, I almost couldn’t fall asleep afterward.

As you know, those doctor brothers Kyle and Leo Julian have been on each other, arguing and disagreeing about everything since the beginning of the show.  They couldn’t be more opposite. Kyle looks like a Nordic god and has innate elegance (he’s also gay).  Leo looks like Epstein, the Puerto Rican street kid (Sweat Hog) from Welcome Back, Kotter and is dark, nervous and brash.  Kyle is the biological  

It’s amazing what actors can do given good quality material.  Think of the hundreds of other actors in daytime who would kill to play real drama instead of the usual gimmicks and lies.

son of the Julians, while Leo, who is adopted by them, came from Iran as a child. Leo acted out big time recently by secretly sleeping with Kyle’s best friend and roommate Dr. Claire, even though he has been lucky enough to date [Read more…]

General Hospital: Night Shift 2 Is a Monty Man’s Dream Come True

Thinking Fans Comment Update August 22: Bonnie likes GH:NS2 much better than “General Mob” … MontyFan is desperately seeking Holly … Chris says even Gloria would be proud … and more. See Comments below. 


So many readers responded to my two earlier columns on General Hospital: Night Shift 2 that I’ve decided to run another very interesting viewpoint.  It belongs to my longtime friend Ed Martin, who is a television columnist for

Ed is a charter member the ”Monty Men,” a group I affectionately invented  for my many male soap pals who started watching GH in the  late 70s and 80s as teenagers when the legendary Gloria Monty was the show’s executive producer  All my Monty Men (I have at least 9 or 10 of them)  have watched the show daily ever since, waiting for the show’s magic of that era to remateralize.  They are usually a frustrated, complaining bunch.  But as he reveals here, Ed and his fellow Monty Men may finally be getting what they’ve longed for thirty years later in this summer’s GH:NS2.





By Ed Martin

It has been a while since I started a column with a sentence I never thought I would write, but here goes: SOAPnet’s General Hospital: Night Shift is one of the most enjoyable original television series of the summer.

A caveat: The low-budget Night Shift may not be everyone’s idea of a sudsy medical drama, especially in the era of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, but damn, it sure delivers the goods. It’s a sexy, spirited, compassionate and totally satisfying [Read more…]

Happy New Year! Thinking Soap Fans Pick B&W of 2007

Happy New Year, mes chers!

Marlena toasts you with a glass of champagne, wishing only soaps that are good this year.  Speaking of, so many of my Thinking Fans sent in their own Best and Worst picks for 2007, there’s barely room to post them all!  I love the intelligence of them and appreciate how discerning all of you are when writing about a field of soaps that is less than enchanting.  Bold and battered, Thinking Soap Fans march on in 2008, using their soap savvy and quality critical judgement … [Read more…]