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Second Thoughts on the Second Episode of General Hospital: Night Shift 2


Thinking Fans Comment Update August 2: Emelzmom thinks Epiphany deserves better … Karen thinks NS2 is hard to watch … Soap misses the old Leo … and more. See Comments below. 


By Marlena De Lacroix

I thought the second episode of General Hospital: Night Shift 2, which aired this week, was an improvement over the first.  The pacing was much better and the script had clarity.  Although written by debuting soap headwriter Sri Rao, it felt like a more experienced soap writer had given the whole thing a rewrite or at least a polish.  My friend pjs joked that the show had improved from zero to ordinary, but I think it made more progress than that.  For one thing, this week I could actually sit through the entire hour.  

The best part is that the characters were more clearly delineated. Claire and Kyle’s (he’s  gay) friendship is promising and realistic.  But does the show have to be unsubtle and wise-guy enough to [Read more…]